Trader Development

What Is The Trader Development Program?

This program is primarily designed for retail traders and students looking to gain employment in the investment banking, hedge fund and proprietary trading industries. Our traders have worked in these fields directly and will provide you with the benefit of their experience.

This systematic approach to trading is effectively what a professional trader in an investment bank or hedge fund would use. 

Throughout the time that you will be based on our trading floor we will make sure you meet the following objectives:

  • Learn and apply a deep understanding of macroeconomic theory and its application to trading across international financial markets.
  • Understand the fundamental driving factors behind equity, commodity, currency and fixed income price movements
  • Work side by side with our traders to develop the right mindset and trading psychology to navigate an environment of uncertainty and risk
  • Garner experience using the relevant software and data analytics to develop and maintain a well balanced and diversified portfolio.
  • Achieve an understanding of inter market relationships to develop an edge in creating your trading strategy.
  • Develop a consistent approach to risk management and position sizing.
  • Learn through practical application the key concepts of portfolio management and construction

Each day follows a clear structure of objectives to give you the most comprehensive experience of trading and portfolio construction.


Mornings start with a briefing going through overnight market movements, relevant data releases, upcoming economic highlights and is followed but a lecture by our head of trading.

The lectures are aimed at giving you a better understanding of “trading theory” and is designed to give you a new perspective to solve issues you may encounter  throughout the day.


This is when you get your hands dirty. You will be generating trade ideas, testing and backtesting strategies, and completing assignments and projects. The aim of this program is to assist you in generating your OWN trading ideas and creating a diversified portfolio across all asset classes. Senior traders will be on hand to assist you whenever necessary.


Mentors will be available for one-on-one and group breakout sessions to expand on the day’s material and cover advanced topics

4PM – 9PM

We state 9pm but most of our students stay till much later and trade the US open. You have 24/7 access to our offices.

The GMC Trader Development Program is an intense, immersive learning environment with endless support. You will be surrounded by passionate and driven people with one objective in mind: to be successful and profitable traders.

Your time at Global Macro Capital will spent applying the practical knowledge we teach by coming up with trade ideas, trawling through company reports, analysing intermarket relationships and building a real world professional portfolio.

You will leave the program with all the necessary tools and information to trade successfully on your own.

Our support doesn’t stop there as you will have ongoing access to our community and traders. For those interested in pursuing a career in finance, we provide the necessary guidance and advice to see your ambitions come to fruition.

Join the Trader Development Program

If you are seriously looking to improve your trading knowledge or want to pursue a career in financial trading

We have a comprehensive in-house one week program or the one to three month internship program. Contact us for more details.

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