Our Company

– Our Philosophy –
We believe that fundamental, macroeconomic shifts drive markets over the short to medium-term.

Global Macro Capital is a proprietary trading firm based in Singapore.

Our approach combines mathematical and economic modelling with behavioral psychology to provide us with an edge.

We are a mature team of seasoned professionals driven by the mentality of a young and vibrant tech firm rather than the conventional, conservative industry approach.

We specialise in providing capital for established traders as well as training and funding junior traders.

Our training and trader development programs combine traditional investment principles with cutting edge strategies.

We encourage sound decision making, excellent discipline and solid capital management in a positive trading environment.

At Global Macro Capital, our future is bright and we have realistic ambitions to grow further.

From experience, we believe that training talented, hard working and ambitious graduates is our future.

As such we have gathered a diverse group of people with different academic and cultural backgrounds.

We search for connections in macroeconomic and financial data that move markets across economies and time.

Through advanced data analytics and research, we are able to see patterns that others do not.

Our qualitative and quantitative assessment of economies is shaped by our own intuitive, fundamental understanding of how economies and markets behave.