Daily Review – Tuesday 15-Nov-2016

Daily Review – Tuesday 15-Nov-2016

UK – Rightmove HPI m/m

According to property listings website Rightmove, house prices in the UK dropped 1.1% for November compared with the previous month.

On an annual basis November saw a 4.5% increase and the average price for a UK home is now £305.650.


EU – Industrial Production m/m

September industrial production in the euro area (EA19) was down 0.8% compared with August (+1.8%), 0.7% for the entire EU (EU28).

Compared with the same period in 2015, September grew by 1.2% in both zones.


Japan – Prelim GDP q/q

The Japanese economy grew 0.5% in Q3, more than the 0.2% what analysts were expecting.

However, the underlying trend remained weak despite robust government spending and a highly accommodating monetary policy.


Japan – Prelim GDP Price Index y/y

Despite the increase in GDP, the price index hasn’t kept up and showed a -0.1% result in Q3, meaning prices of goods and services has dropped.


Japan – Revised Industrial Production m/m

The final revised industrial production figure for September came in at 0.6%.

This is the second consecutive month industrial production is rising after seeing a solid 1.3% increase in August.


China – Industrial Production y/y

Similar to the September number, the industrial production in China rose at an annualized 6.1% in October from a year earlier.


China – Fixed Asset Investment ytd/y

Annual fixed asset investments, a leading indicator for long-term spending, increased 8.3% in the January-October period.

January-September saw in increase of 8.2%.


China – Retail Sales y/y

Chinese retail sales rose 10% in October year-on-year, slightly disappointing compared to September’s 10.7% gain.


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